Human Computer Interaction

1. Pattern Recognition using real time computer vision (HCI-1)

    • Overview
    • Problem Statement:
      • Design and implement a pattern recognition system with the following feature set
        1. Text Recognition
        2. Image Recognition
        3. Facial Recognition
        4. Object Identification
        5. Feature Extraction from a Video

2. Autonomous systems using Natural Language Processing (HCI-2)

    • Overview
    • Problem Statement
      • Design and implement a system which takes natural language as input, processes it according to a defined business logic, and properly responds with a natural output
    • Example use case
      • Voice enabled pizza ordering app


Real Time Communication and VOIP

3. Delivery of high quality videos (2K/4K) with low latency over public networks (RTC-1)

    • Overview:
      • Compression technique: http://x265.org/hevc-h265/
      • Transport protocol: http://www.srtalliance.org/
      • Codecs: http://x265.org/
    • Problem Statement
      • Design a system for browser-to-browser streaming of high quality videos using HEVC and SRT


4. WebRTC driven communication platform for mobile devices (RTC-2)


Isomorphic Web Applications : Full Stack Development using JavaScript

5. Platform agnostic Electronic Medical Record System for IoT enabled health monitoring (FSD-1)


6. Cloud based Fleet Tracking with real time geolocation and geofencing (FSD-2)


Signal Processing & Machine Learning

7. Signal processing and machine learning techniques to analyze biomedical data for prognosing medical conditions (SPML-1)

8. Autonomous environment mapping using robot trajectory (SPML-2)


Security Intelligence

9. Intelligent threat forecasting (SI-1)

    • Overview / Tools
    • Problem Statement
      • Implement and demonstrate


IT Service Management (ITSM)

10. IT service management for efficient delivery of services in a campus network (ITSM-1)


Software Engineering and Management (SE)

University Information Management System (UIMS) is a suite of web applications designed to automate various processes in the university in order to utilize both time and resources efficiently.

Critically examine the following UIMS applets on their design and quality aspects and

1. prepare a report which provides, but not limited to, the following.

    1. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
    2. System and Application Design
    3. Feature Improvements
    4. Risk Analysis
    5. Quality Assurance
    6. Service Management Architecture

2. implement feature improvements in tune with other findings

Pick any two modules

11. Recruitment Management System (SE-1)

12. Admission Management System (SE-2)

13. Training and Placement Management System (SE-3)

14. Reporting / BI for Internal Quality Assurance (SE-4)

15. Alumni Portal (SE-5)

16. Core Communications System (SE-6)

17. Inventory Management System (SE-7)

18. Attendance and Assessment System using embedded/smart devices (SE-8)


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