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IIC Research Laboratory

Research Based Product Focussed Development Computer Lab

Research Focus

Areas of Expertise

Network and Information Security

Internet of Things (IoT)

Application Security

Open Architecture
Based Secure Internet

Research team is working on the recent developments and the future trends in the filed of wireless and network security, cryptography, Video forensics, IoT, Medical informatics, Education ERP. We are concerned with the mathematical principles behind the existing cryptographic models, their drawback, possible outcomes and improvement. Then proposed a better model and moving to develop secure network protocols.

Enabling education
through ICT

IoT (Internet of Things) is basically an ecosystem that connect physical object to the internet so that one can access these objects remotely. In IoT, the word “Things” can be an automobile with built-in sensor or it can be a person with heart monitor. An IP(Internet Protocol) address is assigned to the object, then data is gathered or fetched from the object. Further collected data is transferred over the communication network without any intervention or manual assistance. Use of embedded technology make the physical objects interactive with their internal states, with the external environment and further make them intelligence.

Products & Services Division, established in 2013

Pioneered by Dr Sanjeev Singh, the Products & Services Division was established in 2013 with an objective to support the university and its community through systematic automation of routine processes backed by exhaustive service layer.

Some of the projects undertaken at the division are:

1. University Information Management System

2. Admission Management System

3. Recruitment Management System

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